April 30, 2012

Aux Vivres vegan restaurant in Montreal

There's no need to judge Aux Vivres only in terms of being good for vegans.  Given its tasty and creative food, it easily measures up to any (non-vegetarian) café in the area.

The menu of Aux Vivres includes a variety of starters, sandwiches, rice bowls, burgers, salads, and a small selection of other main dishes.  Items that are gluten free, soy free, or nut free are marked as such on the menu.  The rice bowls are a high point, particularly the dragon bowl.  Its appealing mixture of vegetables is topped by the restaurant's dragon sauce, a concoction so good that I've seen copycat recipes for it on the Internet.  The sandwiches are also justifiably popular.

The drink menu holds some interesting choices.  From fresh juices and smoothies to organic teas, there's something for everyone.  I have yet to try the desserts or brunch, but if those dishes are as good as the rest of the menu, I'm all game.

My only criticisms of Aux Vivres are fairly minor and have nothing to do with the quality or taste of the food, but rather with the decor, which is functional and bright but does not add much to the experience, the service, which is uneven, and the value for money.  I do enjoy the food, but it doesn't really stick to your ribs.  Just make sure that you don't expect too much in terms of dining ambiance and aren't looking to fill up for cheap.

If you don't have time to sit down at the restaurant for a bite to eat, you can visit the neighboring express counter.  And if you don't feel like showing up at all, you can order food from Aux Vivres through the À la Carte Express delivery service.  Only certain postal codes are covered, though.

Overall, I recommend a visit to Aux Vivres to check out its interesting, unusual, and tasty cuisine.  The restaurant offers some memorable dishes.

Aux Vivres
4631 Saint-Laurent
Metro: Mont-Royal
Parking: Street

Dress: Casual

Price: Allow $20 - $30 per person, including tip, for lunch.

Highlights: Vegan food that can appeal to everyone.  Dragon bowl.  Macro bowl.  Fresh chapati.

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  1. I found the food delicious, and i am no vegetarian. Loved the dragon bowl with grilled tempeh and that incredible sauce. My only complaint was not the decor, which is your basic, bright, minimal, modern casual restaurant in a big city, but the noise levels. Acoustics are not great, with al sound bouncing off the walls, so the room can turn into a grating cacophony of noise coming from the kitchen and from diners' conversations at their various tables. Still, it's a great little restaurant. I will definitely go back next time i am in Montreal.