August 28, 2012

Satay Brothers at Atwater Market

Last summer when Atwater Market expanded its outdoor section by introducing several new stands and eateries, the buzz quickly became all about the Satay Brothers, and with good reason.  It's the perfect place to stop for a bite to eat while shopping at the market.  Heck, it is worth making a special trip to the market just to have lunch at Satay Brothers.

The Satay Brothers stand is minimally equipped, and since the whole operation is located outside, it is only open during the summer season.  Seating is at picnic tables that are shared among the stands.

Don't be fooled by the lack of flashy exterior, though.  Satay Brothers puts out great food.  The lunch menu, presented on chalkboards, is simple: steamed pork buns, green papaya salad, laksa, specials of of the day, a few desserts, and, of course, satay.  Every single item I've tried is delicious.  My two favorites are the steamed pork buns, which are presented like small tacos and have just the right proportion of pork meat to fat, and the laksa, an absolutely delicious soup made with ingredients such as coconut milk, chili paste, bean sprouts, quail egg, fish cake, noodles, and shrimp.

The service is friendly and totally bilingual.  These guys are cool and make an effort to greet you like a friend and remember your name.  More importantly, the food they produce is totally consistent and high quality.

Do yourself a favor.  Get over to the Satay Brothers before the summer season comes to a close!

Satay Brothers
138 Atwater Ave. (Atwater Market)
Metro: Lionel-Groulx
Parking: 90 minutes of free parking at lots surrounding the market

Dress: Casual

Price: Allow $10 - $20 per person, including tax and a contribution to the tip jar.

Highlights: Steamed pork buns.  Laksa.  Friendly service.

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