This blog is all about:
  • Restaurants - From classic Montreal joints to food trucks to the newest chic resto down the street, the food possibilities are endless.
  • Free activities - Montreal is a city of festivals, most of which have a free component, and festivals are just the tip of the iceberg. Montreal is one of the best places around to be entertained for free.
  • Museums - Montreal is not necessarily one of the best cities for museums in the world, but it does offer plenty of interesting permanent and visiting exhibitions to explore.
  • Cool stores - Montreal has more than its fair share of specialty food shops, markets, cozy boutiques, stores that specialize in a few carefully made products, clothing designers, and more.
  • Field trips - Even in a city as great as Montreal it is nice to get out and see other places once in a while.
Who is the writer?

I am a private resident of Montreal and write from personal experience. What is written in the blog is my personal opinion and doesn't represent any organization.  I don't accept invitations to openings, free meals, or any other kind of compensation in exchange for reviews. I tend to write only about what I really like, or at least about places that I feel have some redeeming qualities.

The history of the blog

This blog has been going strong since 2011. With over 100 posts, tens of thousands of page views, and a presence on Twitter since 2012, the blog has established itself firmly on the social media scene. 

Is this blog for you?

This blog is intended for two audiences: visitors to Montreal who want to experience the city like a local and locals of Montreal who want to explore their city more like a tourist. Both groups have a sense of exploration and a desire for authenticity.